Fall decorating


After a few cups of coffee this morning I decided to finish up my fall tablescape.  I knew that in order to finish this project I would have to hop in my car and pay a visit to my local farmers market.  I had my mind made up that I wanted to have those beautiful, muted green pumpkins to complete the table.  Well, guess what?  They didn’t have the size I needed (bummer).  Plan B ( wait….I don’t have a plan B!).

A few minutes passed as I was meandering around aimlessly trying to figure out a plan B while looking at all those harvested pumpkins and squash.  Then , there they were, muted colored orange pumpkins!!  I just knew that I could work them into the mix of colors already on the table.

I set them where I wanted, trying to balance the colors evenly on the table.   Now things were starting to look pleasing to my eyes.  I still needed a little filler around the middle section and went outside to cut some grape vines.  Well that did not go well.  Just didn’t have the wow factor I was aiming for.  I stared at the table for a spell, thinking of what else I might have on hand.  I remembered I had some dried hydrangeas in a vase that were perfect for this tablescape.  The hydrangeas were big and round so I broke them off in sections and placed them strategically throughout the middle of the table tucking them in bare spaces, under pumpkins and around the candlesticks holding the other pumpkins.

I then added my placemats, napkins, antique silverware and vintage dishes. Some of these dishes have aged brownish blotches which I always say its just character.   Layering is also key to creating a beautiful tablescape.  Also there was plenty of texture from the tablecloth, placemats, and the centerpieces on the table which is a key element when decorating.  So all in all I think I did a pretty good job and hope you enjoyed following me from beginning to end on this project.  Ta Ta for now!











14 thoughts on “FALL TABLESCAPE PART 2

  1. T Marie,
    This Autumnal Tablescape is absolutely gorgeous, dear one!
    I adore the subtle hues throughout!
    The crystal stemware is exquisite!
    Thank you for sharing this in Parts!


  2. Really lovely Fall tablescape. Very warm and welcoming and beautiful. Love love love those gorgeous water goblets……..exquiste………..and really enjoyed the muted orange pumpkins, don’t think I have ever seen any of those before……..
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful table with us.
    Blessings, Nellie


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