Fall decorating


Starting a tables cape for Fall can seem like a daunting task for some, me included.  From the color scheme, tablecloth or runner, dishes, accents and the list could go on but you get the point.  Every year I like to do something different from the last.  For some ideas and inspiration you could look through magazines, Pinterest, or surf the internet.

So, would you like to know how I come up with my ideas?  Sometimes I just start by deciding what colors I would like to use for my table.  Of course that was a pretty easy decision!  Neutrals are my color scheme through out my home, so I chose muted colors of yellow, greens, whites, browns, and creams.

I first took a look at all I had for Fall decorating up in my attic (scary place to go, so messy!).  I found that I had 2 large bundles of dried flowers from a farmers market last fall that I have not used yet.  I also incorporate plaid patterns into almost everything I do.  I just love plaid!!!  It adds such a nice texture.  I also had smaller white pumpkins to use that I recently purchased from a farmers market down the road from me.

Yesterday, I went to pay one of my favorite junking places a visit.  There I found 5 clear glass candlestick holders with wide bases on them (so that I can have a small pumpkin sitting in them), and I also found 2 small, cute, etched clear glass vases.  The whole purchase cost me $13.00.  Love a good deal!

This morning, I had everything in front of me and started to play.  I Added music and let my creative juices flow!  First thing I started with was I placed the square, plaid, cream and brown tablecloth on table.  Next I took the 2 bundles of dried flowers and started picking through and choosing the stems that I wanted for my  2 small vases.  I also had a tall clear glass vase that I arranged some of the dried flowers in for height in the center of the table.

Now back at the table I set the tallest vase in the center of table and the other two smaller ones on each side with some space between them all.  I was not happy with the center vase, just wasn’t tall enough for my taste so I added a pedestal with a plate beneath it.  I have the height I envisioned.  Now I messed around with the pumpkins and the candlestick holders until I was happy with placement of them.

Everything is starting to come together now except now I am on the hunt for smaller muted green pumpkins which I just love!  I don’t know the name of them but they are such a gorgeous shade of green.  I also think I am going to try to find some vines to fill in around the pumpkins on top of table.  After all that, I have the perfect vintage dishes, silverware and antique wine glasses that I will set the table with to complete my look.  I guess I will have to have a part 2 so you can all see my final vision of my Fall tablescape.



Now remember that this is part 1 on how I do a Fall tablescape.  Yes, it looks pretty sparse at the moment and that will change as I hope to finish this project up within the next couple of days.  Some times, things just take time.  Hope you enjoyed my post and will stay tuned for part 2!  I have also shared this post with Rustic and Refined link party. Stop by and check it out.  Lots of other great and talented bloggers that have linked up in this party!  Tata for now!





4 thoughts on “MY FALL TABLESCAPE PART 1

  1. your table looks beautiful.I love finding things you can repurpose. Don’t you just love those little stores where you can find bargains, and old treasures.I’m like a kid in a candy store. Looking forward to part 2.



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